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Smythe Academy of Arts & Sciences Middle School

Smythe Academy of Arts & Sciences Middle School

Leadership & Government

The Student Leadership is the student governing body of the school. It consists of representatives from designated classes and officers. Elections are held in September for four positions, President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each position plays a vital role in developing Smythe programs. The elected members also represent the student body at both school and district meetings. Please see Mrs. Harris in room 16 for more information.


Student Leadership is a course that focuses on two areas:

  1. Actively doing projects and activities for the Smythe community. Students will be expected to exercise leadership through organizing dances, spirit days, lunch activities, school-wide recycling, food and toy drives, and similar events.
  2. Recognizing, developing, and refining the personal characteristics needed to be an effective leader.

This is a year-long course. At the conclusion students will have a working understanding of leadership principles and characteristics that they can apply to their own personal development.


The student´s grade will be based on the student´s attitude in the class, on the student´s willingness to participate in class activities and on the student´s ability to make measurable progress toward stated goals in a reasonable period of time