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Smythe Academy of Arts & Sciences Middle School

Smythe Academy of Arts & Sciences Middle School

Service Learning Project (SLP)

Service Learning Project (SLP)

Service Learning Project (SLP)

What is a Community Service Project, or CSP?

Smythe Academy Middle School sees an CSP as an opportunity for students to give back to their community, and at the same time learn and reflect on the experience.  Assignments will be assigned throughout the year to help students reflect and apply real-world experiences to what they are learning in the classroom.  Students are expected to complete the majority of project assignments at home.  These requirements are set up to align with California Content Standards.  The CSP also meets the 8th grade Charter requirement for 15 parent volunteer hours.

Who completes an CSP?

All eighth grade students at Smythe Academy Middle School complete an CSP; completion with a passing grade is essential for eligibility to walk in 8th grade promotion in June. 

How do I complete an CSP?

Students choose a cause in their community they are passionate about.  Friends, family, community mentors, church, or school connections can all provide a starting place for discovering the need for community support.  Students must get permission (from parent, program, and teacher) to participate in their chosen activity.  Parents are encouraged to support students throughout the process.

Does an CSP affect my grade?

Yes.  Assignments will count towards quarter and semester grades throughout the year.

What are the CSP assignments I am expected to complete this year?

Aside from the 15 hours of community service, students are responsible for completing and submitting all assignments in a timely manner, including permission forms, completed hours sheet, persuasive essay, poem, advice list, pie chart or graph, and photos.  Students will display their final projects and present them in the spring.

More Information

Students are responsible for getting their Permission Form signed and submitted early. In addition, students will keep a running Hours Sheet with signatures from their Program's Director/Mentor. 

CSP Guidelines, including due dates, are available online at:

Each 8th grade student is required to complete 15 hours of volunteer time with a non-profit organization or local elementary school in order to participate in the promotion ceremony at the end of the school year.  Along with the 15 hours each student will complete assignments pertaining to their CSP in both Language Arts and Math.

Any CSP questions?  Contact your Language Arts teacher. For more on graduation requirements, see Graduation Requirements on the left-hand side menu.